Marcos Lutyens

is an intermedia artist investigating consciousness, new media and emergent architectures. He has exhibited and conducted collaborative workshops and performances internationally, and is developing ongoing projects in Italy, Germany, Mexico and the United States (principally with D. Frogheri, O.Hess and T.Lopez Winkler). He is currently guest editing an issue of “New Architecture” magazine exploring senses and emotions in architecture, and writing a book called “Mindbrowser: the architectures of mind” (Papadakis Publishers). He has investigated the root-level of consciousness and virtuality with the pioneer of Liquid Architectures, Marcos Novak, pushing the boundaries between digital, analogue and neural realities. His interests in simulated environments have found their way into mainstream projects such as with the likes of Madonna and Marilyn Manson, as well as more academic arenas such as USC’s media lab.