Manfred Faßler

Graduated in sociology, economics, political science and philosophy from thr Freie Universität Berlin1975; doctorate 1979.

Researcher and lecturer at the Freie Universität Berlin from 1979-1987 while at the same time working as an independent journalist. Fellowship of the German Marshall Fund 1984. 1987 appointed director of the Evangelisches Studienwerk, Villigst. 1991 return to the Freie Universität Berlin as lecturer; founding the Medien Institut Berlin together with Prof. Dietmar Kamper, Prof. Arthur Engelbert, Dr. Wulf Halbach, Prof. Jochen Boberg. 1995  he earned his postdoctoral lexture qualification in sociology and became in the same year Professor at the University oif applied Arts Vienna whre he lectured until 2002. Parallel to that he became Professor at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. He co-founded the Center for Media, Knowledge Cultures, Imagination and Development / CCID at the Goethe-University (with Prof. G. Welz, Prof. B. Richard, Prof. Neumann-Braun, Proc. Cy Gutsch.)

He has published a variety of books and numerous articles with the focus on mediatheory, media and cognition, Human-Media-Inter(Re)Action, digital network, Cybernetics 2nd Order, binary media and cultures, Communication, Visualitiy and Mediaevolution.