Cyrill Gutsch

Born in 1971. Since 1995, Cyrill Gutsch has been working as an independent creative concept developer for strategy and design for major international companies. From 1995 until 1997, he realised several art projects in co-operation with the performance artist Flatz in Munich. His work of art in the fields of media and conceptual work (under alter ego ³18971ÿ) dating after 1997 was shown in exhibitions in Berlin, Frankfurt, New York, Hamburg and Munich. In 1999, he started the creative freelance network Cream01 Federation with offices in Munich, New York and Zurich. Since 2000, Cyrill Gutsch has created award winning remittance work for national and international companies (f.ex. Adidas International, Payback/Lufthansa, Leviÿs, Siemens Mobile, BMW, Columbia Tristar, Axel Springer). In addition, he co-founded the CCID Center for Media, Knowledge Cultures, Imagination and Development at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt (Germany), where he has been partner since. Cyrill Gutsch has published a variety of articles for books and magazines with focus on brand strategy and media development.