Christa Neuper

Professor Dr. Christa Neuper was born in 1958. She took her Dr. Phil. degree in Psychology at the University of Graz in 1984. After some years at home with her family, she began her research and teaching career in 1990 at the Graz University of Technology. She started as a postdoctoral assistant at the Institute of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and carried on as a research assistant at the associated Ludwig Boltzmann Institute (LBI) of Health Informatics and Neuroinformatics. At the same time, she continued her teaching work at the Department of Psychology, Graz University, where she later accepted a post as a teaching assistant. After qualifying herself as a university lecturer in psychology in 2002, she was appointed to a two-year professorship for “Applied Neuropsychology: Interface Man-Computer” at Graz University in March 2005. Moreover, in December 2006, Christa Neuper became Director of the Institute for Semantic Data Analysis at the Informatics Faculty of Graz University of Technology. In August 2007 she was reappointed Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Graz and headed the Department of Psychology from 2009 to 2011. Her major research focus is on the development of brain-computer interfaces and neurofeedback applications as well as research into the neuronal fundaments of cognitive performance by means of functional imaging technology. As a partner of numerous international cooperation projects, Dr. Neuper collaborates closely with study groups, both at the University of Technology and Medical University of Graz. The neuropsychologist has also coordinated the “Styrian Brain Research Initiative INGE-St” research platform ever since it was launched in 2005. Christa Neuper was elected Rector of the University of Graz on 1 October 2011.