Andrew Bullen

Andrew Bullen has spent his working life moving between creative disciplines, cultures and societies: From working for the Brecht family and university teaching in East Berlin in the 80s to directing Content & Strategy for the pioneering Europe Online in the 90s in Luxembourg. From Senior Corporate Management at Deutsche Telekom’s T-Online to directing the Media Guild, an innovation centre for the Dutch ICT/Media Creative Industries in Amsterdam. From media teaching at universities in the UK, West Berlin, and the Netherlands to media consultancy for international business corporations and the EU. From fictional writing (“Portrait of the Artist in 2015”) to freelance journalism. Andrew is co-founder and managing director of the Creative Cooperative, and Vice-President of the International Futur en Seine Festival in Paris and the Ile de France region. At present he consultants for large-scale European municipalities, clusters and business organisations in the Culture and Creative Industry sector, and creates, designs and moderates conferences, workshops and events throughout Europe