3rd International DOM-Conference, Mar 10-12, 2005 Organizing for Change

In 10 to 15 years, which world will expect us in view of the rapid changes in technology, biology, medicine, demography, environment, international relations and social values? Nobody has an absolute certainty – for sure is only that we will be more than today challenged to continuously learn to adapt to the ever changing conditions in order to be able to handle them successfully. 

And just in this moment architecture – which by nature is a very slow medium due to the long construction period and their physical consistency – advances to one of the most dominant metaphors of underlying structures of all areas of life. While the profession is occupied just with the design of physical structures, the rest of the world speaks of architecture as if it were the medium in which the essence of all kinds of organizations and structures is revealed. And due to the definition of our discipline, which is more reactionary and conservative than the rest of the world would perhaps grant us, we cannot (yet) participate in this process.

The third international DOM-conference tries, on the one hand, to bring up a discussion about how we can learn to initiate change and, on the other hand, how we can overcome the core values of our profession in order to explore another kind of architecture. To question, how we can transfer architectural thinking to other areas and to initiate a shift from architecture of form to architecture of organization.