Porsche Innovations

In Porsche: Principle Innovation we explore the innovative force of the sports car manufacturer Porsche and its founder and genius Prof. Dr. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche. We extracted twelve universal innovation principles that promise success for any business.

Porsche innovations have an enormous bandwidth: from the first serial-production hybrid vehicles, to the establishment of the world's biggest automobile club, to Porsche's transformation into one of the most profitable automobile manufacturers in the world. In years of research, Michael Shamiyeh and his team investigated Porsche's innovative steps and extracted a set of twelve universal innovation principles that teach us how to achieve groundbreaking innovation in product-, social-, and business model innovation. Apply these to boost the success of your own business.

In 2012, a double DVD has been produced presenting an in-depth exploration of Porsche's innovation principles. Each innovation principle is illustrated by a vehicle type that demonstrates how Porsche was able to turn profane vehicles into cult objects. View rare movie footage and photographs dating from 1900 to the present. Extensive interviews with Porsche's contemporaries complete the double DVD. These include Wolfgang Porsche, Walter Röhrl, Hans Herrmann, Hans Mezger, Norbert Singer and many more. A book that explores the innovation principles and current business cases in depth is currently in progress.

For the purpose to present the 12 Porsche innovation principles to a wider public a special exhibition has been designed at the Tabakfabrik (Tobacco Factory) in Linz, Austria. Some 4,000 sqm of the shut down tobacco factory of Linz had been adapted. Its central stock building, a hall of about 2,000 sqm (40 x 50 meters) and 15 meters high had been modified as the central exhibition space. The remaining 2,000 sqm housed additional exhibition spaces, a cinema, and service rooms. In ten stations along an unfolding viewing route, the Porsche innovation principles were juxtaposed with rare vehicles. This was in deliberate contrast to “yet another” chronological history of the persons and the enterprise that are Porsche.The exhibition was open from June 22, 2012 through January 18, 2013 and had been extended due to its success.The curator and designer of the exhibition is Michael Shamiyeh.

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Research team: Michael Shamiyeh, Thomas Duschlbauer, Carlos Foyedo, Petra Haider, Verena Hotter, Cornelia Leitner, Neira Mehmedagic, Benjamin Stangl, Monika Straka, Helena Wimmer, Christine Winner.