Keynote 'Fans Instead of Customers'

In his talk at the "marke[ding]plus" Michael Shamiyeh highlighted the value of strong brand communities for companies. Porsche and its more than 60 year old brand community is taken as the main case study:

Brand communities can be an inestimable competitive advantage. Community members identify with »their« brand, and recommend it to others on their own accord. They have emotional ties with the company and are far more loyal.

In its earliest years, sports car manufacturer Porsche succeeded in establishing a loyal brand community that is unique in the automotive world. The major pillars of this development were the unmistakability of the product, targeted maintenance of traditions and rituals, but also the moral sense of responsibility for the customer lived by the Porsche family. A unique feeling of togetherness was the consequence, and it still exists today in a strong feeling of »community«.