Brad Paxton (retired Kodak VP) speaks at the Ars Electronica Future Innovators Summit

What does it take to change? This question occupied the focal point at the Future Innovators Summit staged jointly by Hakuhodo, ITU and Ars Electronica.

In the 2014 Festival attention was directed on the question of how humankind can arrive at an eminently livable future, and, above all, which pioneers are already blazing trails in that direction and can make it accessible to all. The pathfinders—innovators active in a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines—are the catalysts of change.
Such future innovators will be convening for four days to form a task force for change. Their numbers include seasoned experts and young entrepreneurs, activists, engineers, scientists and—obviously, since it’s at Ars Electronica—artists and designers. Brad Paxton, retired Kodak VP, was one of the distinguished speaker to share his insights and experience.